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30 before 30

I’ve reached the grand old age of 29, which gives me an opportunity to do one of my favourite things in the whole world – write a list!

EDIT: Four months to go and I’m feeling the pressure… Not giving up yet though!!

  1. Run a half marathon Done!
  2. Climb a mountain
  3. Visit Ireland – Done!
  4. Eat in a Michelin starred restaurant Done!
  5. Go a week without Googling anything – Done!
  6. Win a competition – Done!
  7. Make cheese – Done!
  8. Get something published
  9. Go on a stargazing trip – Done!
  10. Make an edible lemon meringue pie – Done!
  11. Do a day trip where all details are decided by rolling a dice
  12. Swim in 12 different London swimming poolsHalf way there
  13. Read 50 books on the BBC Big Read books list I managed 49. So close!!!
  14. Get a piercingDone!
  15. Finish Duolingo Spanish, then visit Spain and practice what I’ve learned –
    I’ve finished, but I haven’t gone to Spain yet…!
  16. Make something practical/functional (e.g. a piece of furniture)
  17. Swim in the thermal baths at Bath Done!
  18. Watch the top 30 films on the IMDb Top 250 listhttp://www.imdb.com/chart/top
  19. Stay in a haunted house
  20. Go to a festival – Done!
  21. Go to a football match – Done!
  22. Learn to drive – Well on the way
  23. Volunteer 12 times Progress here!
  24. Live below the poverty line or pension line for a fortnight
  25. Learn the lyrics to a rap song, and sing it at karaoke
  26. Pull one more all-nighter
  27. Spend a day in Court (i.e. Royal Courts of Justice) – Done!
  28. One month of local/independent shops – no supermarkets! – Done!
  29. Take my Granny on an adventure
  30. Try 5 new sports 3/5 done!


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