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4. Eat in a Michelin starred restaurant

Restaurant: Arbutus, Frith St., Soho

Date visited: 24th April   My dining companion: David

Food: 9/10    Service: 6/10  Value for money: 9/10 (it’s really cheap for a Michelin starred restaurant!)

Arbutus opened in 2006 and earned its Michelin star in 2007. David and I chose this place because it’s laidback, relatively cheap, and because the menu is traditional enough to appease fussy eaters like David. The chef tries to make the most of seasonal food and the decor is smart and bistro-style.

We liked it. It’s a quiet, relaxed setting and the food is delicious. I can’t imagine that anyone is particularly interested in what I had for dinner, but here’s some pictures anyway. My favourite thing was the gnudi – similar to gnocchi but filled with ricotta.

As much as I love good food, nothing beats catch-ups with those who mean a lot to you. My overriding memory of this meal will be hearing good news from a friend who has been long overdue a bit of luck. And frankly, I could have had the same conversation with him in Nandos.

Michelin starred restaurants, nice as you are, I think you’re wasted on the likes of me!



3 thoughts on “4. Eat in a Michelin starred restaurant

  1. Bit worried by what is on the plate by the custard tart ??!!! Something that resembles my lumpy gravy by the look of it … but am sure it tasted devine !! PS. think these restaurants would probably be wasted on me too Sa x


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