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6. Win a competition

I won a competition!!

The amazing Print Club London ran a competition to win a place on one of their screenprinting courses, and luckily for me I got to give it a go.

Print Club London is a well-established studio and shop in East London: they sell incredible art prints, work with some great artists, and their studios are open to absolutely anyone: I think it’s so great how inclusive they are.

I went along on a sunny Thursday with my image to convert to a screenprint: some column tops (always a Classicist deep down!)

The team helped us to enhance our images using Photoshop, explained how the lovely old printmaking machines they have worked, and guided us through making a print step-by-step. It was so interesting: from making an impression on a silk screen to preparing the screen for printing, to choosing inks and making the print itself – I absolutely loved it! I chose a bright orange ink for my print which in retrospect was not the best choice: I think something darker would have showed up better. But I’ve never claimed to have any artistic ability, and I’m so proud of my finished print!! Thanks so much for a great day Print Club!

My finished print!

Update: Since I published this, I’ve also won a pair of running socks. Wow!!!

And another update: I won entry into a race by RunThrough (who are awesome) as well! Check out my super sunny medal!


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